Acupuncture for Nerve Damage

NeuronNerve damage is a highly variable condition that can present with pain, numbness, tingling, loss of range of motion, and a multitude of other problems depending on what nerves are affected. A common treatment often involves working with a neurologist to find appropriate physical therapy, surgery, drugs (either oral or nerve blocks), and electrical stimulation methods. As with stroke, prognosis for recovery is better the sooner treatment beings.

East Asian Medicine classifies nerve damage based on the primary symptoms, and these classifications are often given names of things similar to things we observe in nature. Some common presentations in East Asian medical language are:

  • Wind – for damage presenting as muscle twitching, spasm, uncontrolled movement or stiffness
  • Damp – for damage resulting in tingling, dull or severe achy pain, swelling, or quick fatigue
  • Cold – for damage that is worse seasonally, with sharp & throbbing pain, and muscle & sinew contraction
  • Phlegm – for damage resulting in numbness & growths

Plum Blossom NeedleTreatments for nerve damage vary just about as much as the presentation, and go beyond the simple insertion of acupuncture needles. For example, electroacupuncture (where electrodes are placed on the handles of needles) is one therapy used for loss of range of motion, sensation problems, and very stubborn pain. It is a very heavy treatment that helps steer or promote nerve growth, and can be used for neuralgia or chronic neuropathy in any peripheral nerve. Moxabustion – a heat-based therapy involving the burning of herbs – is often used for spasm, fatigue, or tingling to help break inflammatory cycles and fluid congestion that impede nerve activity. Another possible treatment is the use of a plum blossom needle, pictured at left, which is a small hammer with blunt metal ends that is tapped against the skin. This treatment promotes sensory nerve regrowth in small areas and can reduce the pain from inflammation or febrile-based conditions, like post-herpetic neuralgia.

Dealing with nerve damage and nervous system disorders can be a challenge, and these cases often take a long time to resolve if they have been left alone for many years. Typically, those who seek treatment immediately from both East Asian and Western approaches see the fastest and most complete recovery, since an acupuncturist can use the knowledge of East Asian medicine to support the entire constitution of a person, while both specialties can work on the problem at hand.

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56 comments on “Acupuncture for Nerve Damage
  1. Suzanne says:

    Hi after having whiplash I got into a chronic pain reaction the nerves in my whole body went into a total hyper reactive state.After 4 months of chronic pain i was given gabapentin which turned the pain off but made me feel like a moron and subsequently made my body go numb.I now have reduces sensation in my skin all over but mostly in the pelvis /saddle area and neck and spine. All scans are coming back clear as are all blood tests which is a relief but…how do I treat the problem if I dont know what it is.Can accupunctre reactivate the nerves which have been dulled or stopped working?Has anyone else heard of this kind of thing?

    • Paul Mosier says:

      Hi Suzanne,

      Yes, acupuncture can help with nerve damage after accidents. Sometimes after issues like this the body has a change in how it perceives pain. Acupuncture can help to reset this, so that you can regain normal feeling. Treatment for issues like this can take a little while, but they are effective.

  2. Toni says:

    Hi – can accupuncture help nerves damaged by chemotherapy?

    • Paul Mosier says:

      Hi Toni,

      It depends on the degree of damage. Nerves that have been damaged will regrow, but they use the surrounding tissue to help determine how that growth should occur. If a nerve has been damaged but the damage is minimal or the other parts of the body have not been touched, then acupuncture can help to speed healing and normal function of those nerves. But if chemotherapy has damaged a nerve and the surrounding tissue both, then acupuncture is likely only for pain relief.

  3. sean says:

    About a year ago now I got a conjunctival abrasion from a piece of concrete that flew into my eye. Unfortunately because of misdiagnosis the abrasion did not heal correctly. I am currently working with an opthamologist to surgically remove in scaring and sow it back together so it can heal properly.

    Unfortunately one of the side affects of the abrasion to date has been head pain particularly in my eye socket and my sinuses. This usually would come and go occasionally. However, recently (about 2 weeks ago) the pain started and it hasn’t stopped since. I have an appointment with a neurologist but unfortunately I can’t see him until the end of September.

    Coincidently I had a dentist appointment(cleaning) around the same time the pain started most recently. When doing some research I learned that this most current issue might not be because of my eye but might be possibly because a nerve was hit during the cleaning.

    Regardless, my research has led me to believe that this issue might be able to be fixed through acupuncture. I was wondering your thoughts on the issue and what you would recommend moving forward.


    • Paul Mosier says:

      Hi Sean,

      Thanks for commenting, and for reaching out on the phone too.

      I’ll start by saying that acupuncture is good for pain management of any kind, both muscular & neurological. So I would expect you to get some relief from treatment.

      Whether or not this pain is from healing, from nerve damage from the dental cleaning process, or from some other tooth impaction depends on the location & consistency of the pain. More constant pain suggests that something is being continuously aggravated. More sharp, burning, or electrical pain suggests specific nerve involvement rather than healing from the abrasion.

      A consultation will help sort out what expectations we could have for long-term healing.

      - Paul Mosier, L.Ac.

  4. antonio says:

    I am a first time responder. I was wondering how acupuncture would work on a burning sensation I have on my hip area. I pulled a muscle 14 yrs. ago doing pushups, pulled a groin muscle and for some strange reason a burning pain shot thru my right hip area towards my groin. The pain was tolerable but took 5+ yrs to finally subside. I aggravated my sciatic nerve two months ago, took medication and thankfully that pain was gone. But my old pain seems to have returned, its shooting a burning pain thru my right hip and buttock area and I wonder if it has anything to do with my sciatic nerve. Would acupuncture take care of all of this? I want all this pain 2 go away FOREVER! I REALLY would appreciate some feedback. THANKS ALOT!

    • Paul Mosier says:

      Hi Antonio,

      Thanks for reaching out.

      Burning pains typically either indicate an inflamed and constricted area or some kind of issue with the nerves themselves. The location of the pain you describe sounds like sciatic pain, though a proper consultation will be needed to affirm that. Unless you’re having persistent nerve damage, numbness, or muscle weakness then it sounds like your nerves themselves are not damaged.

      One possibility as to what might have happened is that as your body healed from pulling a muscle it formed scar tissue in such a way that a nerve is either constricted or being pulled by the scarring. Whereas muscle tissue has a uniform direction (so that the muscle can work), scar tissue is formed haphazardly – the scar tissue has no uniform direction and can pull on nearby structures in random ways.

      Yes, acupuncture can help with this. Needles can break up scar tissue, alleviate inflammation, and eliminate trigger points in muscles to stop nerves from being constricted and causing this kind of pain.

      If you’re in the southern New Hampshire area then please reach out to us to help with this: or

      Paul Mosier, L.Ac.

  5. Anna Davison says:

    my son has been paralysed from the chest down following an accident can acupuncture help to regenerate the damage nerves?

    • Paul Mosier says:

      Hi Anna,

      It depends on the amount of damage. Judging by your description it sounds like there is spinal cord involvement in your son’s injury. If the cord is severed acupuncture can’t do very much. If the cord is intact but bruised or stretched there is still hope, but recovery will take a long time and require a lot of multidisciplinary care. Acupuncture can help with reducing inflammation and encouraging nerves to regrow.

      If there is sensation but no motor control, this is a good sign that some improvement can be made.

      Best wishes for your son’s recovery.

      - Paul Mosier, L.Ac.

  6. Melissa says:

    my mother-in-law has age related arthritis in her back, hips, and knees, and bulging discs that cause nerve pain in her lower back and legs. Would acupuncture help her pain?

    • Paul Mosier says:

      Hi Melissa,

      Yes, acupuncture is very good for back & leg pain as a result from arthritis. Regular treatment can help to lower inflammation in the back & encourage fresh blood supply to the discs and vertebrae, to help take pressure off the impacted nerves and improve the health of the spine.

      If your mother-in-law is local and interested, please have her give us a call or send an email for a consultation.

      - Paul Mosier, L.Ac.

  7. Cecilia says:

    I have a friend that has a disease that the body attacks it’s own nerves. He is taking Ivig to keep his condition in check. But some nerves that help him control his arm/hand muscles were so damaged before he started taking the medicine that he never completely gained usage of his hands. For example his wrists are always drooped down, he cannot flatten it. His grips are weak. I am wondering whether acupuncture can help his situation.

    • Paul Mosier says:


      It’s difficult to say. If the nerves still exist, then there is the possibility that acupuncture will help him. If they have been completely destroyed, then it is doubtful.

      If your friend is local, please encourage him to schedule a consultation. Some observation of his movement and checking his response to treatment will help determine what can be done, if anything.

      - Paul Mosier, L.Ac.

  8. karol says:

    Hi, about 18 months ago was admitted to hospital with Rhabdomyolysis, and spent a month in there after recovering from kidney failure I was left not being able to walk with nerve damage, now 18 months on Im walking well and continuing to work on recovery, my left side is still weak and affected by damaged nerves which causes fatigue quicker and tiredness and less strength all on left side, can acupuncture assist in making me stronger?

    • Paul Mosier says:

      Hi Karol,

      Yes, acupuncture would help here. Treatment helps to stimulate nerve growth and reconnecting, and can alleviate fatigue.

      If you’re in the southern NH area, please consider scheduling a consultation so that we can help you through your recovery.

      Best wishes,
      - Paul Mosier, L.Ac.

  9. James Looney says:

    My wife has osteoarthritis of her left ankle, it has got worse over the years and is now badly deformed(Turning from the outside of the foot inwards).It started when she sprained it when she was 8 yrs old and follow up treatment never occurred
    She has constant chronic nerve pain and is taking a big quantities of painkillers.
    Fusion and ankle replacement, nerve block injection are not a option
    Will acupuncture help the nerve pain or at least tone down the pain she is suffering on a 24hr basis
    Thanking you in advance


    • Paul Mosier says:

      Hi James,

      We cannot needle the bones out of any deformity, but acupuncture can absolutely help with pain management.

      If you are located locally (in the southern New Hampshire area), please consider scheduling a consultation so that I can see better how I may be of help.

      Best wishes,
      - Paul Mosier, L.Ac.

  10. Marianne says:

    Had abdominal surgery 6 weeks ago and two weeks after surgery had this pulling stinging pain in left groin area which comes and goes. Maybe from nerve caught in internal stitching or nerve got knicked. Would acupuncture help me?

    • Paul Mosier says:

      Hi Marianne,

      From your description it’s not clear if this is is actually a nerve-related pain or not. It may also be scar tissue that has formed. Acupuncture should be able to help with either type of issue, but the results may depend on how deep the pain is felt and what muscles are involved.

      If you are local please consider scheduling a consultation for more.

      Best wishes,
      - Paul Mosier, L.Ac.

  11. Eddie says:

    I have a question I just has bicep surgery & they had the splint so tight & now I have nerve palsy issue which my fingers won’t extend I did nerve test & nerves are alive but they have been compressed becz of too tight so is acupuncture will help reguvinate my forearm nerve so my fingers go back to normal is it’s very weak but not dead or discontcted please let me know if this will help the nerve start working normally

    • Paul Mosier says:

      Hi Eddie,

      Yes, acupuncture will definitely help the arm. It sounds like your numbness is due to the muscles in the forearm becoming compressed and cutting off nerve conduction. Acupuncture can help the muscles to relax, and can soften up any connective tissue adhesions that are contributing to the problem. This should be an easy fix.

      As with most other commenters, if you’re local to southern NH, please consider scheduling a consultation so we can help you further.

      - Paul Mosier, L.Ac.

  12. Ellen Hoven says:

    Five weeks ago I had a spinal epidural for burning leg and foot pain that would occur when I was walking for more than about 30 minutes. A MRI showed “crushed”(per the neurologist) nerves at levels L3,L4,L5 and S1. The procedure went fine until two days post. I developed searing leg and foot pain that was positional and unrelenting. The pain mgmt Dr wanted to preform another epidural and meds to manage the new pain but could not explain what happened. After careful thought I decided not to have the procedure and went back to the Neurologist. After a short course of steroids to try and reduce the inflammation I ended up on Neurontin. It is currently somewhat managing the severe pain but have to in my activity to barely nothing or pain resurfaces. Any higher dose will send me to another planet. I have not been able to drive in 5 weeks as it is. Can acupuncture help me and if so in what capacity.

    Ellen. N.J.

    • Paul Mosier says:

      Hi Ellen,

      Acupuncture will be helpful, at the minimum, to help manage your pain. It is possible that you could lower your pain medication dosage.

      Whether or not it will be helpful to reduce your pain in a permanent capacity would depend on what has actually happened to your nerves and the surrounding tissue. That would require a consultation to fully address.

      Best of luck,
      - Paul Mosier, L.Ac.

  13. Cendy Martinez says:

    Hi. My name is Cendy. Last December i had bells palsy because i had a bad cold and cough and virus attacked a nerve in my face and i did recover in 2 weeks. But 3 weeks ago i got sick again and didn’t get bells palsy but it attacked my nerve again…that side of my face lookes more cheek nd the corner of my mouth doesn’t lift like my other side. It’s not numbed or paralized..cause when i smile it does lift a little bit more or when i do facial expressions too. Its just a nerve that makes my face uneven. Can this help me?

    • Paul Mosier says:

      Hi Cendy,

      Acupuncture can help with Bell’s Palsy, though treatment may take a while. If you have been considering getting treatment I recommend starting right away – the longer you wait the harder it is to make changes.

      If you are in the southern NH area, please go to to schedule a consultation right away.

      Best of luck,
      - Paul Mosier, L.Ac.

  14. Joshua French says:

    Last year my brother got really sick and had West Nile disease, Spinal Meningitis, and Gastritis all at the same time within weeks of each other. He was sent and got treated for all of them and recovered, but ever since, he has been in a tremendous amount of pain. We have sought advice from many doctors, taken x-rays, MRI’s, you name it, and they say he is perfectly healthy. but the pain continues to get worse and he is starting to be unable to move. As one of the treatments for the Spinal Meningitis they preformed three Spinal Taps on him in his lower back and that is where the pain he is feeling is radiating from. All the doctors have said and done after charging us and arm and a leg to preform the same test over and over again, is prescribe pain killers, physical therapy, and muscle relaxers, and then they send us home with no real answer as to what is causing the pain. We think that they messed up his nerves in his back with his spinal taps, but we don’t have any affirmation to our assumption, do you think that Acupuncture would be a possible solution to stop or block some the pain radiating from his spine?

    • Paul Mosier says:

      Hi Joshua,

      It is possible, but hard to know for sure without seeing him as a patient. Acupuncture is very good for pain. For extreme nerve-based pain it can take a while to make progress, but if he stays with treatment then he can see benefit.

      If you are local, please consider having him schedule a consultation:

      Best of luck,
      - Paul Mosier, L.Ac.

  15. Roland Moore says:

    Hi, I have nerve twitching problems. It started from using meth but I recently got off of it and now not only do my nerves twitch, but muscles too. I think the drugs effected my central nervous system, yet I also think that there are spiritual (dark) forces that are attacking me. I’ve did a little research on acupunture, and how it has claimed healing in these types of areas. Please Help!

    • Paul Mosier says:

      Hi Roland,

      Your case is an interesting one. I’m not certain I want to make any guarantees without seeing you in consultation first. If you are local to southern New Hampshire, please schedule a consultation so that we can talk more and so I can understand better what you are going through.

      Best of luck,
      - Paul Mosier, L.Ac.

  16. Fasih M says:


    In 2010, I had an Arteriovenous Malfumation (Internal bleeding) in C2 to C6 and I became an incomplete quadraplegic after that.

    I have improved a lot after that but im still in a wheelchair and cant use my right hand properly.

    I also get a lot of spasms in my legs and have a lot of muscle tone.

    I also had a neck fusion done this year from c2 to c5 with metal plates.

    Do u think Acupuncture is suitable for me with the metal plates inside my neck. If yes, what kind. And on which part of my body.

    Thank you

    • Paul Mosier says:

      Hi Fasih,

      Acupuncture will certainly be able to help you with pain management. Acupuncturists should be able to needle at any location of the body given your injuries.

      Whether or not you are able to regain function depends on which nerves were affected and how much muscle tone and motor control has been lost. Your acupuncturist should be able to give you a rough idea of the timeline involved for any recovery when you schedule a consultation.

      If you are local, please consider scheduling with us to help you in your recovery.

      Best wishes,
      - Paul Mosier, L.Ac.

  17. Donna says:

    In 2010, my husband had by pass surgery. Two weeks later he lost control/use of his right hand. He had surgery done on his right arm due to a compression and a “kink” in the nerve. He has regained the use of his hand however, he is experiencing a burning sensation in his hand between the index finger and thumb and is starting to experience a burning sensation in has toes. Before he has any more surgeries done I was wondering if acupuncture might be able to give him some relief. (They say that he is suffering from parsonage-turner syndrome.)

    Thank you

    • Paul Mosier says:

      Hi Donna,

      Parsonage-Turner Syndrome is a rare and interesting condition. The burning pain sensation in the toes does not match this diagnosis, and makes me wonder if there is something else going on. But for now let us assume the diagnosis is correct.

      Acupuncture can play a role in helping your husband. Treatment can help to reduce inflammation, alter blood circulation (temporarily, and over time semi-permanently), and it can help to stop pain. All of these are important for something like Parsonage-Turner, which is neurological and often inflammatory & vascular.

      Beyond this regular treatment will help to reinnervate muscles and help him to regain strength and sensation should he have lost it. The time required to do this is long, however. Parsonage-Turner syndrome is typically expected to resolve on its own after 18-36 months; acupuncture may shorten this by a few.

      If you are local to the southern NH area, please consider scheduling a consultation so we can get your husband some help.

      Best of luck,
      - Paul Mosier, L.Ac.

  18. Kay S. says:

    My boyfriend was in a motorcycle accident 2 years ago. He severed his nerve in his leg/foot. He just now has been able to barely lift his toes upward, so he had drop foot. He wears a special brace that goes in his shoe to lift his foot back up for him so that he can do normal tasks such as driving. He has been telling me the last few days about pain in his foot and leg, maybe the nerve is getting closer to the two separate ends and he is feeling the pain now? Will acupuncture help with the pain and healing both?

    • Paul Mosier says:

      Hi Kay,

      It is common for people when they have had nerve injury to feel intense pain in the affected area where the nerve was severed. As the nerve heals and ‘reawakens’ it is often accompanied by a throbbing or burning quality of pain. You can think of it as the pins and needles sensation of feeling returning back to a limb when it has been slept on, just far more intense.

      If this is the pain he is experiencing, then it is a sign of healing and a good thing, and usually temporary. In this case acupuncture would be able to help with the pain of the reawakening limb and speed the recovery process.

      If your boyfriend is local, please consider scheduling a consultation so we can help with his healing.

      Best of luck,
      - Paul Mosier, L.Ac.

  19. Mrs Munro says:

    My daughter (now 4) was born with the inability to swallow safely – all saliva and thickened drinks micrpoaspirate into her lungs – this has caused early lung damage. It is likely that she will have to be nil my mouth and feed via gastronomy for the rest of her life. We have been told by Neurologists she is ‘normal’ in all other ways, (MRI and muscle tests came back normal) – the diagnosis is ‘damage to 1 or 2 cranial nerves while in the womb’ that had affected her ability to swallow safely…

    Can acupuncture help her? Which type is best? Scalp, ear, or tongue acupuncture? Western medicine says that her condition is incurable – no cure for nerve damage involving the swallow, but we are desperate to try anything for her.

    Many thanks for any advice.

    • Paul Mosier says:

      Everything depends on the extent of damage to the cranial nerves. If the nerves affecting swallowing have never been able to develop properly due to what happened at birth, then it’s unlikely acupuncture will be much help.

      For conditions like this, where there is considerable neurological damage or impairment that may be developmentally-involved, scalp acupuncture has the best promise to help your daughter learn to coordinate muscles needed to swallow.

      Best of luck,
      - Paul Mosier, L.Ac.

  20. todd k brady says:

    Hi I have. Lost control of my lower 3 fingers on my left hand due to a straight ingury Nov
    2012 working on car I have3 operation on my left arm the problem is in back or shoulder can this help me

    • Paul Mosier says:

      Hi Todd,

      Recovery will depend on how badly damaged/severed the nerves are. Peripheral nerves do regrow, but can often take many years.

      I recommend discussing this in consultation with an acupuncturist so that you can get more specifics. If you are local, please consider scheduling with us.

      Best of luck,
      - Paul Mosier, L.Ac.

  21. Shantu says:

    Sir,i m 20yrs old,i am actually suffering frm writing difficulty,actually this happened to me after i went 2 gym,before gym i was having no writing difficulties nothing at all,actually when i
    try 2 hold my pen nd start 2 write with my right hand vry hardly aft writing 1 or 2 sentences
    i jst loose control over my pen(it slips frm my hand) nd then i jst can’t write a single letter as if my THUMB,
    INDEX, nd MIDDLE fingers are paralytic,nd the pen jst slips frm my fingers,my fingers
    becomes stiff nd my elbow nd wrist area becomes painful nd weak nd shakes,nd then i cant write
    anything,specially the more i give pressure in my index,thumb nd middle finger more it becomes weak nd becomes
    numb nd then shakes,often i feel falldown feeling of index nd thumb,also have
    burning sensation(specially aft having dinner) in
    my upper face of right hand(back of my palm),wrist weakness,actually my whole right hand nd fingers r badly affected,i jst went to gym for 21 days only,
    and then i ditched as it was interfering with my writing nd many more,at first my hands use 2 shake bt aft 2 months since i left gym,i found difficulties
    in my writing badly.I have been suffering from this problem since 2years,10 months nd have shown many big
    allopathic doctors in big places bt without any improvement nd the prob has increased alot in 3 yrs(approx),
    also took homeopathy bt without any results,really suffering alot nd dont want 2 suffer
    more.So,i have a ray of hope in acupuncture, so, sir can acupuncture cure my case.

    • Paul Mosier says:

      Hi Shantu,

      Thanks for writing in.

      Judging by your description I suspect there may be some soft tissue injury or constriction that’s cutting off nerve conduction to the forearm & hand. The problem may be in the forearm, shoulder, or neck. Acupuncture can help with this kind of problem. A good acupuncturist, given muscle testing or some time in treatment, can determine where the constriction is (if any) and work it out.

      If you are in the local area, please consider scheduling an appointment so that we can stop your suffering. You can schedule here:

      Best of luck,
      - Paul Mosier, L.Ac.

  22. Greg says:

    had phrenic nerve signal interruption causing diaphragm on right side to stop working, and thereby losing lung function in Right lung. Can Acupuncture do something about this?

    • Paul Mosier says:

      Hi Greg,

      Possibly, though this would be hard. A lot depends on the amount and type of injury, and the length of time since the injury occurred.

      Best wishes,
      - Paul Mosier, L.Ac.

  23. Clio says:

    Thank you for all your wonderful information. I had major facial fractures (cheek and under eye on one side) with nerve damage one year ago. The doctors believe the nerves were not severed and should recover, but I still have some partial facial paralysis and numbness with very little improvement the last few months. I’m looking for alternative treatments now. Could acupuncture help? Many thanks for your advice.

    • Paul Mosier says:

      Hi Clio,

      Scar tissue can restrict proper nerve conduction, particularly in colder weather or when combined with muscle tightness.

      I would recommend trying acupuncture to rule out the possibility of any soft tissue or scar involvement. Even if these things are not the case, acupuncture may help promote faster nerve regrowth.

      If you’re in the local area, please consider scheduling with us.

      Best wishes,
      - Paul Mosier, L.Ac.

  24. Punam says:


    I underwent hysterectomy, last year, followed by radiation and chemotherapy for uterine cancer. I have had a numb patch in my left groin area since the surgery and the surgeon advised that it was as a result of a nerve which got cut by mistake during surgery. It has been 9.5 months since the surgery, but the numbness has not improved at all. I have also since developed mild lymphedema in the left leg due to the lymph nodes that were taken out along with the uterus.

    Is there any hope of nerve repair with acupuncture? Is it advised when there is lymphedema?

    Thanks very much for any advice that you can give.

    • Paul Mosier says:

      Hi Punam,

      Recovery may yet be possible, but it could be a year or more before you could see any change in sensation. More often than not, however, surgical cutting of a nerve is final.

      Acupuncture around an area of the body with lymphedema may be at slightly higher risk for infection. An acupuncturist who is using proper clean needle technique should be able to mitigate this risk.

      Best wishes,
      - Paul Mosier, L.Ac.

  25. Debbie says:

    Hi I got shingles in my eye last July. Nerve damage in my forehead. numbness in my forehead eye and eyelid.Eye flutters,pulls will accupuncture help. Drs say it will take time!!!!!!

    • Paul Mosier says:

      Hi Debbie,

      It is very possible that acupuncture can help with this situation. Your doctors are correct though – any repair of function will take time, likely months.

      Best wishes,
      - Paul Mosier, L.Ac.

  26. Harry says:

    Hi, i was weight lifting going back 2 years ago as i have been passionate about it since the age of 17. i was curling a heavy weight and at the same time both of my elbows on the inside went underneath the bicep and i cant for the life of me figure out what i have wrong. Iv had this problem for a long time and have felt very frustrated in not being able to get it treated, i first thought it was tendonitis but after a few MRI scans it showed no damage. The only other thing i can put it down to is nerve damage, i did have pains in my neck on the lead up to this injury which has also made wonder if its connected and still do. It comes when i do anything involving my arms that can be can too strenuous such as typing for too long or holding the phone. It feels like a very dull, burning, achy sort of pain and i haven’t attempted any exercise since, iv lost a lot of weight and as you can imagine it has really affected my self esteem. I have tried seeing a chiropractor and physiotherapist and neither has worked. Is there any advice you can give me paul? and could acupuncture make an impact?

    • Paul Mosier says:

      Hi Harry,

      From what you’re describing nerve damage is a possibility, though you might also be looking at something like repetitive strain injury or intense muscle constriction. Acupuncture or other soft tissue therapies (like massage therapy) are likely to help.

      If there is an acupuncturist in your area I’d suggest consulting with them to see what they say. If you’re around southern New Hampshire please consider scheduling with us. (

      Best wishes,
      - Paul Mosier, L.Ac.

  27. Hi! I have a teacher who has nerve damage in his feet. I would like to learn acupuncture and Chinese medicine so I decided to do some research on his particular predicament. Do you know of any particular methods he should use for that area. He said it does increase in pain for the weather. And he also has swelling. He said his feet are very sensitivity now. So do you know what kind of things I can recommend to him?

    • Paul Mosier says:

      Hi Aliya,

      I recommend your teacher find a licensed acupuncturist to help treat his feet. If you’re in the US, most states have state licensing boards for acupuncturists where you can find practitioners that are close to you.

      Warm regards,
      - Paul Mosier, L.Ac.

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