Acupuncture Case Studies

Understanding Case Studies
Case studies are primarily a tool for the clinician rather than for reading by other potential patients. They help to show what treatments work for different conditions to further Chinese medicine and its theoretical underpinnings. For the 2000+ year history of Chinese medicine, case studies have been the primary means of showing that acupuncture works. But with the growth in evidence-based medicine and the desire for patients to know more about their treatments, case studies are now starting to serve a useful role for patients as well: they help to show that acupuncture is as rigorous a medical science as any other form of treatment they are used to seeing.

The case studies presented here are meant to serve a few functions. They help explain to you, the potential patient, what is involved in a course of treatment. They help to shed some light on just what goes on in an acupuncturist’s brain during evaluation and diagnosis. And they help to present the stories of real individuals who have benefited from the expert care we offer. While their names are removed, their stories are true.

All case studies are available for download, though we do ask you provide us with some information and whether or not you are looking for a consultation.

Our Cases
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Your Case Study
Someone else’s story is one thing, but nothing speaks louder than personal experience. If you want to see what acupuncture can do for you, take the next step.